Re: Salt water flyfishing


Had a quick flick on friday at lunch time, got 2 around 30cms.
secret to getting line into a braided loop is to make sure you cut the end of the flyline at a sharp angle. makes it heaps easier to get the darn thing in there. always superglue the braid under the connector sleeve and wher the flyline enters the braid or it may slip off under tension ( I suspect this is what happened to yours)
The whipped loop is good, but tricky trying to get the thread to stay under enough tension to make it tight enough. Superglue does help. To make your own pliobond dissolve silicone sealent in zippo lighter fluid.

Might have to have a poke about up river for some trout, have seen a couple of beauties up by the ferry bridge but the seemed to be feeding exclusively on willow grubs