Re: Salt water flyfishing


Good to know they have returned. The river was so dead on Sunday…. Apart from the mullets the only fished which even followed my fly in were two trout further upstream.

I mainly use the nail-less nail knot, It has never failed me. Just a bit fiddly to re-tie when I forget the instructions. I love the factory welded loops, wished all lines had them.

I have tried the braided loops, but have never been able to slide them onto the fly-line… The shop installed one on my first fly set but it slipped off when I snagged my fly in a pine tree on the back-cast.

I have ‘melted’ my own permanent loops once or twice but never 100% pleased with the result. Going to try a Whipped Loop when I purchase a bobbin.

The KY can wait, because the next few nights is prime Snapper hunting tide 8) Did not keep my eye on the tides and found out to late to go fishing tonight.