Re: Salt water flyfishing


Been down to the diversion a couple more times, The fishing was quite hot Friday night but only managed to hook one big fish but the hook knot broke after a long fight. Landed a small one, then caught two small ones on my spinning.

The spin fishers were getting a steady stream of large KY.

Went back down today, got there at 8am.. not much around. A seal scared me when it erupted right beneath my fly line. Seal buggered off upstream, after a while I decided to also change spots. Went upstream myself, had a couple of trout follow my first few casts then nothing.

Notice a overhead knot in my leader, broke the knot, then could not get the nail-less nail knot to work. So went back down to the mouth. Still no KY being caught, decided to use my secret weapon…. Caught no KY. Tried a couple of spots in the main Wairau but caught nothing. Went home.