Re: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015

shark slayer

the problem is people only think have hundreds of people fishing at mouths sometimes … a run of fish gets hit at the mouth at mackintoshs around the bridges in the lower reaches middle reaches and further up..there are large numbers taken accumalitively..just because you dont catch 2 everyday dosnt mean there arnt large numbers taken..last year i only fished a few weekends in november and feb and got 6 bag limits..i could have raped the fuck out of it and fished hard all season long and after work aswel but i limited myself and also put some back..the problem with the two bag limit is these old cunts that live down at the mouth everyday of the season and take whatever they can get..every mouth has em..the hurunui has around 15 full time retired guys that hit it everyday..from what i have seen they would average 30 a season each easy some of them more..thats 450 fish that dont get to spawn each year from one mouth from a small group of people alone..greedy old cunts..should it be dropped to one everywhere?its unfair on those who dont hammer the fishery but how do you limit these old guys that want to take as much as,possible?peed presurre pro ably not likely cos not enough people have the balls to say anything..the biggest problems are water degredation,commercial take..poaching..allowing fishing to far up the rivers and idiots taking gross coloured up tired fish..and groups of retirexd guys over harvesting..every mouth has them the rakaia and rangitata have even more..ra.gitata would be the worst..these same people treat bycatch like shit…rape the searuns and longline the fuck out of the eles to…thats my opinion… :shock: