Re: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015


they wont make the limit a day in most places as it has been proven in the past that it results in loss of the number of licences sold and therefore there would not be enough finance to run f&g and they would need to increase the cost of them. and stats prove that catching 2 fish a day is reasonably rare when 80% of salmon anglers catch on average under 4 fish a year. the restrictions of hours is in theory to give fish a rest up river so that those who fish first light have a chance at rested fish. with the way numbers are building across the board with all the raising and releases in 2or 3 years we will be back to the numbers that were put into the rivers when glenariffe was going and 85% of the catch were from their releases. the difference now is that there are multiple release points and that has to be good.