Re: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015


also there have been increasing numbers of smolt and ova planting with this season being one of the first for returns. another factor is that already salmon have been caught off beaches and 1 at the wiamak- these weren’t mature fish and that can point to more fish at sea. this year at a rough count about 720,000 eyed ova, fry and smolt have planted or released also wild fish spawning can be added to that number in north Canterbury rivers . added to that whatever has been released further down that is a lot of fish. these numbers have been building up since the quakes therefore the reason good numbers of fish that could be larger. also the 2yearold fish size last season means that those that didn’t mature and are coming this season should have at lest doubled in weight given that the growth gene kicks in in the last year of their lives and providing the food source is still good out there.