Re: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015

shark slayer

yea they had problems with cage reared salmon infecting wild stocks..but the initial decline was from over harvesting they had disease problems when trying to rebuild stocks..the heallthiest the northwest american stocks were was in the 1800’s when the salmon were almost left alone due to war and alot of the native indian population in the area were killed..then the population rebuilt and the area underwent developement and the fishing pressure wbecame to high for the stocks to accomodate..efforts by yhe goverent to drop harvest levels for both commercial and rec were met with protest and the stocks completely collapsed.we have an awesome marine environment here in nz and alot of people take it for granted..i j dont want us to foolow over seas trends and ruin all our fisheries.i think changing the distance you can fish up river would be a real help to the salmon runs so at least we agree on something burkefish