Re: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015

shark slayer

i have seen lots of that stupidity in north canterbury saying its only in central canterbury is extremely naive..and wrong..all studies on declining and desimated chinook fisherys overseas have proven the causes where say the catch rates never effect the return rate..but you assume all fish return after 3 years..but they can come back as early as one year or stay out as late as seven hence why there is usualy big variation of sizes of fish in the also fail to consider such factors as commercial take on top off the rec take..also f&g catch rates for the season are blind estimates unless you can tell me they have guys sitting on every meter of the river all season long to count every fish taken?the studys of fisheries that had declined or collapsed overseas also noted one of the biggest causes was peoples unwillingness to lower harvest rates .i think we should drop the limit or put a lower limit on how far up you can fish.full stop