Re: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015


if a heap of them stopped buying licences there would be no money to do the enhancement. there are 16,000 adult licences sold in north Canterbury and the majority of them are for salmon fishing. seems your are talking about the central Canterbury area as what you are accusing people doing I haven’t seen the north Canterbury for along time the driving force of the salmon run will always be what food is at sea and that is governed by cycles dominated by the 10 to 11 year cycle of the sun. stats taken over a number of years shows there is very little variation in the % of angler catch to % of the total run . as I wrote before it is the management of numbers in the spawning grounds as to be successful the numbers need to equate to the amount of food available for the successful growth of smolt. too many and you lose the whole run. hatcheries fill the gap and low land spawning as seen this year is very rare as it depends on larger than normal rainfall. by having more hatchery fish the catch remaining in the same % rate means the optimum numbers can get to the spawning grounds as was proven when glenariffe was running and the limit bag was 4 a day.