Re: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015

shark slayer

so your saying the more fish taken the better the fishery will become??..interesting..but yet you are praising this seasons high numbers of returning salmon?the more salmon that return the better..the hatcherys can do more,more fish spawn and more fish can be released to enhance other waterways and create new fisherys and improve existing ones wich helps take pressure off the same old places that get thrashed..salmon can be introduced to surprisingly small and even sub standard water ways..i have sat and watched salmon running up small crappy waterways that you would never expect them to be in…its over fishing that has lead to the diminishing fisheries not only in fresh but saltwater over the years people always blame everything else they can to excuse there greed but its dropping the numbers taken that helps most…the worst culprits are the old school guys that still have the rape and pillage mentality that practicly live at the rivermouths over the season and take everything no matter how big or small..i have seen some of them that would at least be averaging 40 or 50 a any searuns they can get there hands on..these are the dickheads you see kicking kahawai back into the water 3/4s dead..they are the people the limit drop is required for and if a heap of them stopped buying licences it would do the rivermouth fisheries a huge favour.