Re: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015

shark slayer

it would be no different to policing the two bag limit often do you see a ranger down the,mouth?almost is it policed then?by other fisherman of course..if i went down the mouth tommorrow and took two salmon and then kept fishing and tried to take another one im sure at least a couple of people would not hesitate to tell me to fuck off…the same principle would work with the ten have to put it on your fish strait after dispatching it..if you didnt someone would be like “hey wheres your tag dont you know the rules..upriver would be harder to police but its no different with the two bag limit and other regs..part of the regulations is just hoping people are decent enough to obey them and most people are…i think…im not saying all old guys are like that burkefish but alot of that generation have a rape and pillage mentality and take to many fish..the waimak is actually the exception because there are so many people fishing the mouth/lower reaches area that its to hard to.catch to many all the ability to move around to water you like the look of is gone..its more a pot luck/lolly scramble there cos theres just so many people fishing..although i did hear a chinese whisper about a n old guy at the mak off his boat last year taking 45 fish for the may understand my veiw if you go tio the rangitata burkefish they start by thrashing the searuns early season then move onto longlining the eles for a few moknths then its salmon rape time everyday!.and i agree with you troutfisher i have always argued that point…its easy to police aswel cos you just wouldnt be allowed up there with salmon gear or to have a salmon in your possesion..alot of the fish up that far arnt worth keeping. anyway..