Re: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015


our rivers don’t have enough food to support large numbers of fry and there is not enough suitable spawning areas to support large numbers of fish. in 1996 20,000 fish spawned up our rivers and 3years later there were hardly any. in 1992 the lowest number of fish ever returned to glenariffe yet 3 years later that led to the biggest run. now f&g are working what is the optimum numbers the rivers can support to give the optimum return. the fishery wont survive without the hatcheries so it is better to release fish that can be caught in good numbers as this also protects the fish that are required to support the survival of the ‘wild’ fish. none of this will work without volunteers doing a lot of the enhancement work. this year the lowland rivers have had an excellent return of hatchery returned fish, don’t know the figures for high country. if you want to target 1 fish a day you need to target the 8% of anglers who catch more than 8 fish a year, they are the ones who would be the most vocal of it and a large % of them are also the ones who put in the most volunteer hours to keep the fishery going.