Reply To: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015

shark slayer

if what you are saying is correct larry then why is there a need to do smolt releases?you are saying there are already to many smolt around from the wild stocks so why would you release more to boost numbers?why not kill some wild smolt to get the numbers down?why would you have supported a 1 salmon limit for the kaipoi if a high
er take helps?what a load of absolute shit..statistics are a waste of time they are just a generalisation and are also “watered down”by large amounts of anglers who dont know how to fish..also you seem to speek of the whole salmon fishery as the waimak ..not everyone just fishes there..

Also you say the bad runs were caused by high numbers of smolt 3 years earlier not all salmon run at 3 years they can run as late as 5 and there are to many variables as to what could cause a bad run high commercial take at sea..lack of food/high predation at sea..bad river conditions/flooding at spawni.g time..why did f&g celebrate the high spawning numbers,last year if they think it will cause a stock collapse?has anyone seen high numbers of dead smolt in our rivers since last years spawning cos they are all starving?sorry mate but your talking shit trying to excuse greedy old ****s behaviour the fact is salmon fishing used to be way more productive than it is now..

Look back at history and what do you see?photos of old ****s lined up with large takes of salmon day in day out thats what started the decline..greed..same as every other fishery in the country everything has declined because of greed..these old ****s still think its 1960..times have changed and attitudes need to change with it..

I think a 10 bag per season would be a good idea ..heres how it could get ten tags with your licence with your licence number on them..when you land a fish you have to put the tag in the fish..once you have used your ten thats it…get caught with a fish with no tag in it and your licence gets revoked and you get fined.. easy…

Remember guys dont go fishing in two seasons time its gonna be shit cos too many salmon spawned last year..but make sure you get to the Ashley in 3 years time its dried up and crap there this year…wont be many fish spawning there this year so in 3 years time be will be pumping!