Re: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015

shark slayer

all the work being done to enhance the fishery is very good..the numbers returning this year where great but the reason for that is low clear rivers and the modest size of the salmon meant fewer people than normal putting in the effort i think reducing the limit to one would help lower the numbers taken..if bag limits are so rare why do people stop buying licences if bugger all of them get bag limits like you say anyway?..large numbers of people buy licenses just for trout fishing and anyone who stopped buying a licence because the limit was dropped to one would be the kind of wanker the fishery dosnt need anyway..i would gladly pay more for my licence to have less idiots fishing for salmon..i think its unfair to stop people fishing in the dark just because someone thinks it diminishes there chance at a salmon at first light..should thet ban fishing at first light because it diminishes the chances for people fishing at lunchtime? stupid..make some regs that actualy help the fishery instead of making silly rules inspired by grumpy old red necks.