Re: Salmon Season 2013 – 2014


laying off wont necessarily increase numbers. factors that cause variable runs are size of spawning area size (our rivers have limited areas) , conditions at sea ie food availability floods. in 1992 the lowest runs ever recorded produced 3 years later the biggest runs ever recorded, 3 years later it was back to low runs. 1994-95 20,000 salmon went up the rivers there were so many trying to spawn that they were destroying earlier reeds. supplementing runs as is happening now is probably the best way to help keep consistent numbers and trying to establish bigger and protected spawning areas. this can only happen if we as salmon anglers give some of our time in volunteering to do the work. it is starting to have an effect on the waimak as there were more fish taken last season there than the Rakaia yet the spawning run was around average for the river.