Re: Salmon Season 2013 – 2014


on the board at the mouth south side of rangi it said 1 so far… And that wasnt my fish lol.
People keep quiet about their fish as much as possible and alot of the time you can get there and sneak on in without tye crowds surrounding you.
It is quiet at the moment tho apparently there has been fish caught up river
And as far south to the orari mouth but noone knows who caught that fish.
December 15- jan feb is my favourite time i dont normally bother untill jan.
Too many people , unless you can find a hole plodding down the river bed for miles that noone else fishes you will have people sniffing your arse the whole season, cant stand it myself.
Id rather sneak in when everyone goes home for the day or find a hole and camp down there.
Give me a school of kahawai with 10lb braid and a jighead. :P
I like the idea of salmon being elusive and hard to catch but at the end of the day their number struggle enough as it is maybe we should lay off them for a year or two and let em recover numbers.
Last season they took 280 salmon from the rangi apparently
Imagine if all 280 of those fish spread their love.
Save our salmon