Re: Salmon Season 2013 – 2014


The spot is accessable by foot. It is not very far from the boat ramp near whiterock station. The spot is quite obvious even to the untrained eye.there is also many other good spots that are easy to access by foot but you will need permission from landowners for some spots.its also worth taking your trout rod as there are a huge amount of brown and rainbow trout up there. The salmon I got was cought on my trout rod and on a trout lure so it took about 15-20mins to land it. It was a funny weekend because the trout where more interested in the salmon lures than the trout ones and the 1 salmon I got was on a trout lure.
thanks v much for the info, just one more… it above or below the gorge? is it where they load the rafts in, or take them out? thamk you

Sorry for the late response. It is near where they out the rafts in.