Re: Salmon Season 2013 – 2014

shark slayer

yea johnwest been up there for a few days…no worries snake..this morning was a good one for hit just behind the wave at about 7.00 but I was half asleep and didn’t keep up with it and the hook pulled but 15 minutes later…bang! I knew it was a good fish strait away it was a weird fight tho it kept surfacing
and thrashing about it came alive once it was in the wash the other guys thought I had a kingi on..then I got my first look at a plump long salmon..some dude tried to tail it for me and nearly busted me off haha I was like dude get out of the water!!…a few minutes later I tailed it..a dude took a few photos then we weighed it..16.8lb so I’m pretty stoked all my hard work paid off…I left after that….2 taken on the Southside before I left and a few dropped mine was from the Northside and another was dropped just as I left I reckon the next hour or so will fire…good conditions down there..Saturday and Sunday should be good .. :grin: