Re: Salmon Season 2013 – 2014

shark slayer

coild be possible..not sure on earthquake theories myself..the commercial cray guys up cape campbell way have been struggling since the seddon quake. .having to lease part of there quota..overfishing is my veiw tho havnt found the earthquakes to have effected anything..had a monstet blue cod catch on the day the japan psunami hit…have heard pepple blaming the poor fishing at bp on earthquakes but once again its because of fishing pressure…there have been good salmon taken i know of a 27lber last week have been sworn to secrecy on the location tho…size variation is supposed to be a sign of a healthy fishery..dont know about that either…lost a salmon in the surf the other day the first of the season is always my hardest have had 5 from kaikoura but i dont count them as they arnt really running salmon..anyone know how the rakaia is going?