Re: Salmon Season 2013 – 2014

shark slayer

good to hear reports of a few..i reckon it will be a cracker of a season but may be a slow start..kaikoura was good i only specificaly targeted them 3 times and got 5 and dropped a couple..put one back the rest were all trebled up hard..i think the reasn people abuse you when you put them back is because they are greedy and dont want to see an attitude change towards the salmon not being thrashed as hard and of course jealousy is a factor..alot of the older guys wont put anything back no matter how small..i personaly would like to see the limit dropped to 1 i mean thats all you need anyway especialy if you get a 15lb plus fish..but could you imagine the shit storm if it was dropped haha idiots would be protesting and crying about it for months..anyhow to busy at the moment for salmon im going to start at xmas time..until then good luck boys :grin: