Re: salmon season 2012-13


Camped at the Rangitata mouth the last couple of nights, got there Tuesday about 5pm ish, seen 4 Salmon hook 1 landed all in the main gut and all from the south side, I notice that they walk them out into surf where 1 guy lost one,and the others just threw the hook,got up early next day and headed up the braid in search of a good hole, didn’t find one but found some that looked trout fishable so swap to my trout rod, and after a few casts was into a 6lb Sea run. Headed back to the mouth nothing caught just seeing the odd Kahawai in the surf. Fish til dark, then headed out next day, nothing at the mouth. Headed up the braids again and seen a few guys with there quads and scratching rods fishing one of the main streams, one guy hooked one then bolted away after it,then came back a few minutes later carrying a nice size salmon, foul hooked maybe? Well I’ll never know. Fished til about lunch time then headed home. It was good feeling knowing that the salmon have arrived there in good numbers this early too.