Re: salmon season 2012-13


Some nice fish there fellas,
I fished the Waimak Gorge again late afternoon till dusk, nothing seen, hooked my first fish on the new rod and fisrt fish on braid….well, I think I was a bit keen with my strike and just about pulled its lips off, the trout, lept klean out of the water and through the hook, it must have been a bit shocked or sore as it flipped around a few times and lept clean out of the water again, all in quick sucession lol, so glad I got to get a bit of the feel for braid and the new rod on a trout rather than wasting an oppotunity on a salmon…..Ill be back up there tonight, when I left the river was at the same level and no colour at that time, though could be diferant now,. cheers, Hipp