Re: salmon season 2012-13


Guess it’s always a trade off, work the fish too hard and you can pull the hook or snap the line. Play it too long and the hook can work free. Haven’t had a hook pull free yet touch wood, had a broken leader and a break at the lure. I do play around with my drag settings quite a bit to try and get a good balance. Something that works for a big fish, might be too much for a small fish but you can always loosen it off so that you can play the fish out. Never tighten the drag once you have set the hook is a golden rule. I always try and turn the fish with side strain if its running downstream. Don’t know if I would like to control an egg beater drag with my finger when braid is involved. Baitcaster better from that perspective although I have heard of people getting friction burns on their thumb which is always a concern.