Re: salmon season 2012-13


Nothing much has been happening at Macks the last couple of mornings. Have seen a couple of fish caught. One dropped right next to me.

Bloke had too strong a drag and keel hauled this fish such that it was almost tail walking on the bank, hence it popped the hook as it hadn’t been played out. At the opposite extreme I saw another chap lose one down at the Banana hole, where he played it for quite a while and it pulled the hook.

Question I had was when you have a fish on and it’s sitting out using the current is it best practice to crank it in to the shore as I have seen a few blokes sit on fish and the fish happily just sits in the current for 5 minutes and then the hook pulls. Chap was asking today what he was doing wrong and the only thing I could see was that he was letting the fish sit in the current and waiting for it to run and tire itself against the drag. I am sure the fish is just recovering when it sits in the current.

I have been playing my fish quite aggressively this season with a stronger drag setting but all the fish have been well hooked, trying to keep a good rod bend, giving no slack line and putting a bit of side strain on to turn the fish but keeping the rod at 90º. The drag on the eggbeater seems to work better than my Abu 6500 but maybe I have been using with too light a setting with the Abu.