Re: salmon season 2012-13


Firstly a big thanks to everyone that has offered help and advice, especially Kevin for the picts which I poured over yesterday before setting out on my long awaited first full day out trying for salmon since the mid 90’s.

After a couple of hours on the Mac last week making sure I got use to the 6500 I was looking forward to finally getting out for a full day trying my luck…..and as luck would have it I found the dumbest salmon in the river which obliged and helped me break the duck.

No real idea how big it was as we didnt have reliable scales but after a good fight and a couple of anxious jumps I was glad to get it to the bank.

Thinking I’ll take 3 days off next week and head to a river to try for another. Not too keen on huge crowds so am thinking maybe the Hurunui mouth or braids on the Rakaia. Is a Quad beneficial on the Hurunui mouth or is a short walk??? Never fished it as I tend to fly fish the upper reaches.

Thanks again guys.