Re: salmon season 2012-13


I lost 3 today!!!

first was at Taieri Mouth at just before the high tide peaked. played the fish for about 5 mins, it took 2 bloody big leaps on the take, got it within 15 feet of me and the hook straitened out. would have been a 20lb fish.

2nd was off softplastic at the mouth of the leith on the outgoing tide, played for 2 mins and the hook pulled.

and the 3rd was a wopper 25lb+ in the same place on a 28g zeddy, played for 3 mins and my leader knot snapped when it jumped.

atleast i got some action, but god damn!

**onthefly** i fish the shore, the current is fine for a kayak but you need to time it some you drift up the gorge with the incoming tide and then back on the outgoing.