Re: salmon season 2012-13


Hi again guys,
So I’m hoping that the rivers drop enough to get out and try for a salmon before I head away with the kids on Wed.

Kind of excited to give this a crack and the 4X4 has been packed since Fri :)

I’m kinda thinking that I’ll take Kev’s advice and head to the middle reaches of the Rakaia river but have no idea what sort of level the river becomes fishable at. I’ll sleep in the 4X4 but have to be home Monday night as have a fly fishing trip planned for Mon.

Is it worth taking the quad down to fish the middle reaches (which I’m guessing are still below the highway bridge) or would I be wasting my time and be towing a trailer for no benefit?

Not overly keen to fish the surf as I dont want to upset anyone by casting over them……..been 15 years since I threw the 6500………could be a disaster in the surf! :-)

Also, what sort of level does it become fishable???

Thanks again,