Re: salmon season 2012-13


Lost fish number 4 today, but at least it was a decent fish this time. it was blowing a heavy NE at Waitaki Mouth, Hooked one finally, chased it about 50 meters down the rapids until I felt the line go slack. saw a good half dozen salmon pass me in the slower shallows, and another dozen trout.

only one caught on the south side, nothing on north side, the 18 and 24lb limit bag was confirmed by a friendly local, he said only a handfull of fish have been caught, apart from 2 guys who have caught 10 this week in their secret hole and they wont tell anyone, (i know where they are ;) )

I did manage to land an OLD brown trout that was clearly on its way out to die, blind in one eye, slabby, scratched to hell and bleeding all over the place, in my hands it felt about 10lb, if it had been healthy it would have been an easy 15/16lb fish. released him and he sat in the current for about 4 hours before slipping out to sea. (damn camera packed up and didnt get any photos :( )