Re: salmon season 2012-13


all 3 rivers have salmon in them cinick, in regards to your boat. its most likely not going to be much use to you in the Rakaia, rangi or Hurunui, but would be ok in the waimakariri from the mouth up to macintoshes, maybe a little bit further up. but definitely not in the braided stuff.

so my advice would be to take the 4×4 and head to the Rakaia or rangi, that way you can use it to access the river, and sleep in your truck or in a tent.

my ultimate advice to you is , sell the quad, caravan and boat and buy a jet bot… access the whole river 8)

does anyone know what big floods do to survival rates of salmon… surely the odd few must die because of so much water. I just got a call from a friend in Rakaia saying its bank to bank! :shock: