Re: salmon season 2012-13


Hi guys, avid fly fisherman who hasnt fished for salmon since hay day of the mid 90’s but with all the early action I have got itchy feet.

I have hunted out the old school gorilla stick, respooled the 6500 and bought a few of the latest white and green zeedee’s.

The weather is looking like screwing up my plans as I had a leave pass for Fri – Mon to fish anywhere I wanted, looking like I might be back to the 5wt flyrod on a springer somewhere….

However, if per chance the rivers cleared, or even later on when they finally do….what would be your call as to what i should take/tow on each of the following rivers for a 3 day trip?

Rangi, Rakaia and Hurunui.

I have a 4X4 Quad, a 3.8m ali hulled inflatable (25HP outboard) and a caravan…..unfortunately the truck can only tow one at a time :-(

Would appreciate any help at all and if anyone see’s a clown making a dick of himself with a birdsnet in his reel……..say hi! :)

Also, has anyone ever tried “Spin n Glows”. They use em alot in Canada and I brought a bunch back when I was over visiting the inlaws……tempted to give em a crack……