Re: Salmon Season -2011/2012


Sadly i missed some good fishing this summer due to breaking my leg very badly.

I have been able to manage some easy fishing over the last month and i went for a drive to middlemarch to see if i could find some salmon running the Taieri, no luck. i did catch 6 Browns on a green and black zeddy, single hook, very agressive fish, attacking the lure at my feet at times.

can we get some reports of salmon around dunedin, are they still showing up? (clutha, Taieri, Harbour)

I also had an evening fish of the entrance to the Leith Stream with no luck, anyone tryed spinning here?

i wish i could have fished the Waitaki, alas, too late.

If i want to catch some late season salmon next week over anzac day where would you guys recomend i go?