Re: Salmon Season -2011/2012


Hooked a salmon first cast this morning down at the Mack rocks, bloody 25lb mono leader snapped, clean line break on the first run, not even a heavy drag. Put another lure on and did a pull test and it snapped again. Must have picked up some nicks/damage either on the reel or in the gear bag as I only changed it last week after doing some trout fishing using the same braid and 8lb leader. It’s pretty old mono about 8 years old. Been in the cupboard but might be suspect. I decided to invest in 100m of fluorocarbon leader this afternoon, newby mistakes. Should change the backing as well, but if a fish runs out all the braid I suspect I will be in trouble. Hot rod though 3 hookups in 3 weeks, 4 visits down to the river. Poor conversion though only 1 fish caught and two snapped leaders, hence the change to Fluoro.

One fish caught around 7:30am, lost mine 10 min later and then nothing til I left at 10am. Milky blue, but looked nice for salmon fishing. Didn’t see much fish activity though. Much happening down at the mouth or later in the day? Might have a decent crack tomorrow and try and get my bag limit for the season.