Re: Salmon Season -2011/2012


Knots,UNI knots BACK to BACK very hard to break joining lines together,but i never have joints in my salmon line.If your salmon gear preparation is only 99% ,the salmon will find the other 1% and you will LOOSE them.Oh IGFA line is a better class of line and better tested in the factory.Platapus line 15 kg[white clear]is good line,iv landed salmon just over 30 lb with it and when you are fishing the Waitaki you be glad you are using it.People when casting over head spool reels,put too much power into their cast and over excelerate their spool and the line cant get thru the rod rings fast enough BIRDNEST.a NICE EVEN POWER CAST IS BEST,most fishing rods have to much tip action[acceleration] for the over head spool reals,a rod which is a just a little bit stiffer in the tip helps a lot in casting.Have the break twicked up a little for a start and work you way out to your casting distance.Feel the wind on your face,ligth touch on the spool with your thumb when landing your zeddy or twicked the break up a bit.IGFA line is better than the standard line, keep your line out of day ligth when in storage.