Re: Salmon Season -2011/2012


I guess each river is different, with the Waimak differing more than most. I have also heard with the Waimak that the salmon don’t like the bottom layer too much with the sand and prefer to swim slightly higher in the table, not sure whether that apply just to the mouth or the rocks as well. The most productive times I have seen at the rocks are 2 hours after high tide going to low tide, with a cool day and with a drop in barometer with a southerly coming through. Also the guys there will go anywhere from a 20gm zeddy on an incoming tide to a double on the outgoing tide. Best thing I like about the Mak is I can get out there in 20 mins and you save heaps on gas.

I could feel the lure hit the bottom with braid, but couldn’t with mono. Most of the fish seemed to be caught close to the bank but I have also heard that’s because mono stretches too much and if you strike 40-50m out it’s too late and the fish has already spat it out. Having said that I did catch my fish with mono.