Re: Salmon Season -2011/2012


Ok im back in Oz. zilch capture for the trip, as expected, LOL.
Thursday was just a pain in the arse and cold day didnt fish, just went shopping and had a restaurant tried to procure $40 for 1kg of steam mussel. LOL.
Friday morning at the Hurunui mouth, wasnt a bad walk from the top of the ledge down a track and walked around to the mouth, had to get my toes wet on the way there, but my family tackle got wet on the way back, LOL. Saw 1 brown trout caught and a salmon was caught on a 3rd cast by some fella, who apparently was the resident salmon population controller.
spent the rest of the way working out how to access the Clarence and a couple of other spots for paua and cray notes for next season.

However, I caught a few kahawai? all were released, all in all it was a productive week for me, got more than I expected done, organised a few things and may return looking to invest.
One thing I do have to say is that, you fellas have what it takes to have world class if not the best salmon fishery in the world, but your Govt. simply does not have what it take to see beyond the horizon and invest in the future of the country. Its a pity.