Re: Salmon Season -2011/2012


Well, I been fishing 2 days solid, puttin in around 6hrs/day hooked 2, but didnt convert. This is my first trip to NZ for salmon. They are dfinately diferent to Canadian atlantic salmon in many ways to fish.
Sun. I saw one fish caught at the waimak mouth, and around 8 in the afternoon at Mac rock.
Mon. saw 2 before 8 at the mouth and around 14 fish for Mack rock till I left around 4ish
Tues. I hooked 2, but no cigar. and 1 was caught while I was there. at the rock around 12-14 was caught, 2 fisho got their bag limit.
Didnt get a chance to see Kev. which is a shame.
Had a fish today nothing at the mouth until 8 and at the rock 3 fish caught when I left a 9.30Am So now I’m at Kaikoura hoping to go for a fish at the mouth of the Huiruni or behing the train station at Kaikoura
Be back at The waimak on Sat to do a last fish before I head back to OZ.
The most outstanding thing over the last 3 days was I saw some monster salmon caught especially the 3 early sunday at Mac rock, all were way over 20lbs barely fitting the landing net, but the rest were around around 10ish pound.
and thanks to the yobbo in the blue jack and green waders north side of Kaiapoi creek mouth, Tues arvo you know who you are. It’s people like you that give anglers a redneck yobbo stereotype. Fishing is social activity, If you want the whole river to yourself I suggest you buy a helicopter and go find some new found wilderness.
But saying that I had a very good fishing experience and made new friends, I’ve even manage to organise for a few Kiwis to visit OZ, I’ll put them up and take them out for dee sea fishing when they visit .