Re: Salmon Season – 2010/2011


Fished the Rangitata yesterday morning. Very shallow in the surf and gave that up after 1/2 an hour. Saw what looked to be a nice sea run or small salmon taken on the north side in the gut. Tried the gut for a few hours but gave up as not a single fish was caught and went to the Orari to have a crack in the surf. I hoped it would be clean and flat. It was flat but very dirty so carried on up to the Rakaia and had a go in the gut. Saw no fish caught so pulled the pin after a couple of hours.

Had a look at the Waimak this morning. Got there late (6am) and was surprised at how may people were fishing the mouth. I spose its getting close to the traditionally late run. The colour was good and flow not too high but only saw a kahawai caught in the 2 hours I fished. At dead low tide the river is twice the width it was last year. Looks like its flowing closer to the south side but access there will be limited to an hour or two either side of low tide I reckon. Mite be time to try a fish from the boat, either at McIntoshes or right on the edge of the lagoon. Looks like the only way to get to the deeper water near the mouth. Maybe find a deep hole with the souder. Either way I need to try something different !