Re: Salmon Season – 2010/2011


Spent a couple of hours on the south side of the Mak mouth late this arvo, looks like the main flow is definately on the north side. Saw one guy land a fish and one being cleaned over the other side. Will check out the north side tomorrow morning before work. Earlier this week I fished the surf at the Orari, hooked and landed a couta after 5 mins. 5 mins later hooked a salmon of about 15lbs. I had it at my feet when the hook pulled, must have only been lip hooked I reckon. That morning there were about 15 hooked and only 8 or 9 landed, makes me wonder if the fish weren’t really taking the woblers that hard ??? Who knows really, just glad I wasn’t the lady next to me who lost two fish in 5 mins after not landing one this season.