Re: Salmon Season – 2010/2011


Got up at 3am Saturday and headed to the Opihi to try both the surf and gut. We arrived right on daybreak and just before my first cast a chap directly opposite hooked and landed a fish around 12lb. With his fish on the bank I made my first cast and hooked a fish right at my feet. Had a short battle and had a good mate tail it up the shingle for me. Weighed in at 15lb, my best yet. We spent the next hour in the same spot but I figure those two fish had been sitting in that spot over night and no more were coming in so gave the surf a go. My mates dad hooked a fish on his first cast in the surf which made me think I could be in for a limit bag ! His fish took a good 10 mins to land and was unfortunately foul hooked on the top of the head so was released. It was bigger than mine and we estimate 18lb. No more fish were caught while we were there so we were pretty happy to have landed two of the three fish caught that morning.

Also went to the Orari for half an hour in the surf but nothing doing so cleaned my fish and headed home.