Re: Salmon Season 2009/2010


I also agree,10 fish is heaps for any one person!! I know guys who catch dozens of fish a season, and I have always wondered”what the hell do they do with them?”Personally, I don’t need more salmon,but that won’t stop me from fishing for them as that’s the part I enjoy most!! I have stated to several anglers at the mouth this last week that I’d like to release any more fish I catch, as they would have a better chance of surviving that than being tapped on the head!!..I’m not sure how some of the other fishers out there would take it as many are a bit old school!! “why release a fish that you could have given to me?” which would sort of defeat the purpose of it all!!!.I can remember as a kid hauling trout out of the Avon on the worm by the dozen.In those mid 80s days releasing trout was in it’s infancy in NZ,but look how attitudes have changed since then? Some people would like you to believe that salmon don’t survive the rigours of being caught and released when fresh from the sea,but I don’t think this is at all the case, if proper fish handling techniques are employed,with the salmon being landed as soon as possible! I hopefully will get the opportunity to test it out…