Re: Salmon Season 2009/2010


I couldnt agree more Lyndsey, People are always complaining of dwindling fish numbers and the last thing they look at is them selves. Most salmon anglers are great but there is the few out there who will keep fishing every day no matter how many fish they catch. some guys down at the rangi and raikaia have already more than 20+ fish. this in my opion is just to many for one angler and affecting the fish stocks. Good to see someone else who thinks there should be a season limit.

back in the old days you would have to pack your backpack to make your trip down to the mouth / river for the day if nothing happened by lunch time you would be off home. now with 4wd bikes some people who live down at the mouth of these salmon rivers will make 6 – 10 trips aday just to see if anyone is catching fish. as soon as one person catches a fish the txt go out and there will be 20+ anglers on the river mouth. Now in the old days most of those fish would have got through untouched.

You should be given 10 “clip” tags at the start of the season and thats your limit. if you want to get more tags you would have to buy them. same system as alot of overseas countrys use for fish and game. 10 fish is more than enough for one angler over a season and most samlon anglers will be lucky to catch 5 fish in a good season.

just my 2 cents…..