Re: Salmon season: 2008/2009


Though almost every1 is cantab fishermen anyway For those who want to know, a few nice salmon have been caught off the Dunedin wharf, no giant ones yet, but a 20lb or two plus quite a few 12-15lb, last time I went there there were about 3 fish caught the day before, though when i went there none were caught [Im a bad Omen! :roll:] Most fish have been caught on bait I have only seen one guy spin fishing from the wharf. Mullet arn’t around the wharf in any great numbers yet, though fresh bait owns frozen so I do a bit of jigging while my salmon bait is out there. I got 2 mullet and 1 barracuta smaller than the mullet, for the 5-6 hours I was there last time!