Re: Salmon season: 2008/2009


Hey where are all the Salmon? lol.

Went out to Kairaki last night for a flick(Waimak looked ok from the old bridge). 1st time out since last season, geez what a different place! Water was very discoloured so had a couple of doz casts to get my hand in anyway.
Couldnt believe the amount of water & debris considering it must have been close to low tide, & it is much wider than last year. Must have been some decent floods I suspect to change it so drastically. Southside looks interesting though, appears to be deeper over there(?) with a lot of the bank/beach eroded away too.

I havent heard squat about the season so far. Where are the fish being taken ? Is the Waimak producing when clear?
Macintoshes? Mouth?

Any/all info appreciated.