Re: Salmon Season 2007 / 2008


Has anyone hit up Jim Anderton about stopping trawlers from taking salmon yet? I’m tempted to write him a letter, you go into the supermarkets and there is a ton of salmon for sale, and I’ll bet it didn’t come from a salmon farm. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but to me it looks like Fish & Game have been putting effort in increasing salmon numbers, but who’s benefiting more – the commercial fishermen or the recreational fishermen?
I was at the waimak for 2-3 hours today and yesterday, and the south bank at the mouth seems to be a lot more successful right now. I counted 80 fishermen on the north bank with 50 4wds parked nearby, and didn’t see any of them catch anything but saw about 5 fish caught at the south.
I got asked for my fishing license by a ranger because he didn’t know me and said I was using ‘strange gear’ – no point in buying gear just for a few weeks of salmon fishing when a surfcaster can cast a ticer just fine, and out of the 100+ people I was the only one I could see not wearing waders.
I hooked up to a whopper yesterday – two guys in a boat! I cast out into the middle of the waimak and they suddenly took off in their boat, taking my lure with them at a great speed.