Re: Salmon Season 2007 / 2008


Ok, this forums a bit quiet, so I’ll start with a wee blurb on my fishing on the Rakia yesterday.
Well it was my first day at the rakia for the season, the river was clear but not very busy.
I hooked one Salmon half way down the beach and it subsequently took off to china (I just couldn’t stop it) after 5-10 min it dropped the lure at least 100mtrs away. As I mention ed I just could stop this from running or turn it. Ive recently changed from my bulky stiff hard to cast river runner light (ha) to a shimano 6ft rod paired with a pen 965 with 24 lb line. It’s a nice caster but think I still need something with another foot or so to make it perfect.
I still dont understand why i could not hold this fish!! maybe it was foul hooked? or a 6ft rod just hasn’t got the leverage. It also never broke the water. btw, the drag was very tight…tighter than ideal.

I later fished the gut and the surf where a few fish were landed, and we were all graced by the well known TV fisherman Geoff Thomas and his camera crew. Luckilly a few fish were taken after he arrived so not to put the great Rakia fishery to shame.

P.S anyone got a 4wheeler for sale? : )