Re: Salmon Questions


Salmon are certainly taken from the beach behind the old railway station in Kaikoura in the middle of winter. I took a group of young rugby players fishing there two years ago and they caught two salmon on the 29th of August; both on ticers. Most surfcasters only fish with bait and therefore are most unlikely to hook a salmon. In the sea off the Canterbury Coast 99 percent of the salmon’s diet was found to consist of sprats, red krill, and juvenile hoki. Salmon have to chase all three of these prey species through the water to catch them and so are used to the idea of chasing their dinner! There are certain to be a few salmon close to the rocks near Timaru even in winter but I’m certain you would need to fish for them on spinning gear rather than baited hooks. The best idea is to cast out baited hooks with one rod while spinning a ticer with a second rod. Even if you don’t get a salmon you might get a kahawai on the ticer. Worth a try! :grin: