Re: Salmon Questions


I was hoping one of the Salmon anglers would have answered by now…

Salmon as a predator fish feed on smaller fish, so they would take small baitfish and also lures. During the Summer/Autumn they run up the rivers to spawn. You need a license to target Salmon when they are in the river, or when they are “within 500 meters of a river Mouth ( from the seaward side). River mouths cover all sources of freshwater which flows into the sea, including ‘blind rivers. When outside of the 500m fisheries rules apply which basically say “No person shall take Quinnat salmon by any method other than a rod and running line”. Size/bag limits might also apply.

They can be caught over Winter, in fact the beach in front of the Whaleway station in Kaikoura can be quite productive and is 500m away from any river mouths.