Re: Ryton Bay Development at Lake Coleridge

Ian Dampier

” Writing On the Wall for Coleridge-area Huts.”. The Press, Sat 24 Jan 2009.

So it appears that ALL the huts around Coleridge are to go, starting with those on private property, and the days of camping at the Ryton Bay are over, although I detect some some ambiguity in the subject article. A sad conclusion to a community that has been a traditional retreat for many generations of NZers over the last 60 or 70 years or longer. Also a sign of the times in a country where NZers are increasingly being squeezed out of their traditional retreats and recreational areas. No Taupo or Queenstown for these people. Add hock building out of control and regulations flouted, maybe, but that has always been one of the great aspects of the Kiwi way of life. It could have happened under any circumstances and you could say it was bound to happen sooner or later. The fact that it has happened as a result of the two properties concerned (Ryton & Glenthorne Stations) being sold to foreign ownership, and with DoC and the Office of Overseas Investment as co-conspirators, should serve as a warning to all NZers who value their freedom and access to the great NZ outdoors. Mr Shrimpton has already sealed off road access to Lakes Catherine and Ida. What next ? Access through the Ryton Station front gate and $25.00 a visit ? We’ll wait and see.