Re: Ryton Bay Development at Lake Coleridge

Ian Dampier

Welcome aboard Booger.

It is not so much a case of the location or the issue not being in the public eye. Everyone who uses Coleridge or any of the surrounding lakes is aware of the issue. Engage anyone in conversation on the subject, particularly other users of the area in question, and you very quickly become aware that we all share the same level of feeling. Admittedly New Zealanders are a fairly laid back lot but regrettably I think Kiwis are just too easily pushed around and are too willing to let the big boys walk all over them. The number of submissions against Burmester’s original development plan was pathetic compared to the number of people that use the area. F & G are our strongest advocates and are involved in ongoing negotiations with Shrimpton. Unfortunately NZ Governments, past and present, allow these situations to develop and do very little prevent them, or to represent the interests of New Zealanders. The ultimate solution is to stop non NZ residents buying NZ property, particularly property that is considered an aesthetic, recreation or environmental asset.