Re: Ryton Bay Development at Lake Coleridge

Ian Dampier

With the benefit of hindsight and thanks to the depreciating economic conditions and the Governments restrictions on lakeside development of aesthetically high value properties I believe that Phillip Burmester’s original development would have been very unlikely to succeed. Regretably the situation in regard to camping at the Ryton appears fairly much a done deal as is the blocking of vehicle access to Lakes Ida and Catherine, and I can’t see it being resolved in favour of those of use who have enjoyed years of camping there. For those who wish to fish and stay overnight with minimal luxuries we will probably have to content ourselves with other options and nearby location of which there are plenty. People will probably continue to camp in the region even if they are not allowed to camp at the Ryton and they have to camp “illegally”. Clearly it would be to the advantage of DOC and Selwyn District Council to establish a camping ground in the region if they wish to maintain some form of control over the environment. One good point to come out of this issue is that, as a condition of Shrimpton’s purchase of the property, although the access road to the Ryton Bay remains a private road there is an easement on the road that guarantees public access. From my enquiries I ‘m assured that continued uninterrupted public access will be monitored by the various Government bodies.